Panel & Demo Descriptions

Panel Discussion #1 – The Business of Being an Artist
Friday, November 20 @ 10:30am

A: Commerce & Craft Shops – This session will focus on commercial aspects of being a professional artist such as direct selling to individuals and groups on a small to large scale.
Panelist: Rowena House (Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association) & Molly Shiwak (Torngat Arts and Crafts)
B: Marketing & Social Media – This session will focus on marketing your artistic product and yourself as a professional artist. Panelists will discuss and be able to respond to questions about traditional marketing methods (media kits, printed materials, etc.) as well as digital marketing through online social media platforms.
Panelists: Angela Antle (CBC) & Joshua Jamieson (ArtsNL)

Demonstrations #1
Friday, November 20 @ 1:00pm

A: Dolls – Learn how different indigenous artists approach the craft of making dolls with an opportunity to try working on one.
B: Moccasins / Slippers Sewing Circle – Learn how different indigenous artists approach making moccasins / slippers with an opportunity to try working on a pair.

Saturday, November 21 @ 10:00am

For this session, symposium participants are invited to visit one or more of the themed tables as they see fit.

A: Funders – Individuals at this table include Donna Roberts (ArtsNL), Lucy Alway (Department of Business, Tourism, Culture, and Rural Development), Noel Habel (Canada Council for the Arts)
B: Arts Banks – Individuals at this table include Linda Grussani (Aboriginal Art Centre) and Vicki Chainey Gagnon (The Rooms)
C: Residencies – Individuals at this table include Gary Baikie (Torngat Mountains National Park) and Shirley Moorhouse (Torngat Arts and Crafts)
D: Post-Secondary – Individuals at this table include Ryan Rice (Ontario College of Art and Design), Carla Taunton (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design), and Todd Hennessey (Grenfell Campus, Memorial University)
E: Galleries – Individuals at this table include Nigel Reading (Spirit Wrestler), Pat Feheley (Feheley Fine Arts Gallery), and Herb Brown (Birches Gallery)
F: Taxation – This will be a breakout session focused on various aspects of taxation relative to professional artists (Presenter: Gary Parsons)

Demonstrations #2
Saturday, November 21 @ 1:00pm

A: First Nations Drum Making – Jenelle Duval will demonstrate and discuss the steps, materials, and tools required to make a First Nations drum.
B: Bone Carving – Stan Hill will demonstrate and discuss various approaches and tools used in bone carving. He will have pieces on display at various stages of development.

Panel Discussion #2 – Discipline Specific Workshops
Saturday, November 21 @ 3:00pm

A: Film – Go behind the scenes of a sci-fi doc about Inukjuak in production to learn about the creative process from development to production. See visual research, testing and storyboards.
Panelists: Katherine Baulu (National Film Board) and Isabella Rose Weetaluktuk (filmmaker)
B: Music – Learn about the stages in the audio recording process and how to achieve high quality end results.
Panelist: Stephen Lilly
C: Dance – Learn about traditional Mi’kmaq dance, including techniques in fancy shawl dancing.
Panelists: Julia Blanchard and Arlene White Blanchard
D: Throat Singing – This workshop will demonstrate and teach the techniques used in traditional Inuit Throat Singing.
Panelists: The Blake Sisters
E: Multimedia – Learn about taking a digital approach to storytelling.
Panelist: Inez Shiwak (My Word: Storytelling & Digital Media Lab)